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A structural revolution

IsoTruss is a radically transformative structural solution that is up to 12 times stronger than steel or 12 times lighter-weight depending on the application, lower lifetime cost, and more eco-friendly. Our innovation, rigorously tested and proven in the field, utilizes a patented geometry and high-performance composite materials. IsoTruss, the way to build for today and tomorrow, relegates steel to yesterday.


Whether you are building a cell tower, new generation aircraft or earthquake-proof infrastructure, the IsoTruss® delivers a host of advantages never before achieved with any other material. It’s stronger and more durable, yet weighs less than steel structures and is eco-friendly.

• 12x stronger than steel
• 12x lighter than steel
• Lower installation cost, lower lifetime cost
• Non-corroding
• Lasts up to 4-5X longer than steel structures
• Quick and simple installation

Lower lifetime cost, higher performance

Save on shipping, installation, and maintenance. Your installation cost is lower, and your lifetime cost is lower thanks to incredible IsoTruss durability. Our materials won’t corrode like steel does. IsoTruss is scalable and can be adapted to nearly any size use case, from the very large to the intricate and small, always delivering higher performance at a lower overall lifetime cost.

IsoTruss is taking over the earth. And the sky

From the Americas to Asia, IsoTruss is shaping the future on the ground and in the air. We’ve replaced telecom towers and utility poles that have failed in the face of high winds, moisture, and extreme temperatures. In Asia’s crowded cities, our lightweight cell towers are installed on rooftops that wouldn’t support steel. From bridges to buildings, IsoTruss is a more earthquake-resistant concrete reinforcement. We’re enabling the design of new lighter-weight bicycles, and even more fuel-efficient aircraft and spacecraft.

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The forces will be with you

The strength of the patented IsoTruss lattice lies in the alignment of material to unprecedented advantage. The helical members counteract torsion and transverse shear forces. The parallel fibers in our structure (longitudinal members) withstand tensile, bending, and compressive forces. Together, they give you the maximum strength with a minimum amount of material. IsoTruss is adaptable and can be formed into tubes, beams, and panels.


Light-weight IsoTruss installs faster and lasts longer

Forget the heavy equipment. IsoTruss is so lightweight that 20-foot sections of tower can be carried to the installation site by hand and installed without cranes. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s simple. Speed up your time to market and prolong useful life. Get hard-to-reach rural areas up and running fast with cell service, bridging the digital divide at last.

Environmentally friendly at every stage

The unique IsoTruss manufacturing process, which involves winding and curing carbon fiber around a support structure, has a much lower carbon footprint than steel since our design requires substantially less material. Not to mention the extended lifetime. Once installed, the see-through lattice in IsoTruss structures blends into the environment. We reduce overall environmental impact and provide a more sustainable solution, with a 70% reduction in total carbon emissions over the lifecycle of our structures versus steel.

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