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IsoTruss, Inc. Receives USDA-NIFA Phase II Funding Award for Mobile Cell Site Project
Springville, UT – October 2023

IsoTruss Inc., an engineering, design, and manufacturing services provider, received a $650,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). The award is a Phase II investment from NIFA’s Small Business Innovation Research Program and will be applied to the development and commercialization of the IsoTruss mobile cell site unit product line.

“We are truly grateful for the enabling support of the USDA and NIFA. With their help, we can create solutions for rural and disaster-stricken communities,” says Nathan D Rich, Founder and CEO.

Establishing permanent cell sites is a financial stress for many rural communities – especially with the expansion of 5G networks, which requires a greater density of towers. Without network connectivity, however, life can become difficult or even risky. Gaps in cell signals interfere with emergency services putting the most vulnerable people at risk. That risk extends when current structures are damaged in natural disasters. IsoTruss hopes to provide a solution. IsoTruss structures have been successfully applied to rural telecom towers because of their reduced weight and significantly lower installation costs. Further development will enable IsoTruss to create mobile sites that will bridge the gaps and help people when they need it the most.

IsoTruss Inc., an engineering, design, and manufacturing services provider, produces patented IsoTruss® lattice cell towers for the telecommunications industry. IsoTruss® cell towers, fabricated with composite material, are cost-effective, corrosion-resistant, sustainable, eco-friendly, and lightweight. Utilizing IsoTruss® Technologies, its family of patented, composite material grid structures, the enterprise offers R&D capabilities, applications, and solutions in telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace, civil infrastructure, energy, construction, leisure, and more.